Hyrule Warriors! Hyrule Warriors!

For me, this post could just be “Hyrule Warriors!” a bunch of times, and I’d be perfectly happy with it. But holy space nuts, folks! Nintendo knocked it out of the park with this game. I was expecting just a Zelda-skinned Dynasty Warriors game, but I was so, so wrong.

Here’s what I’ve played so far (and I still haven’t unlocked all the features and modes)

  • Campaign – Cia the antagonist feels a bit out of place–not because she’s a villain or a new character, but mostly from her design. Still, I’m digging this “Best Of” story that combines bits from Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword, and more. It’s not earth-shattering, but it has a lot more care put in it than you might’ve thought from the outside.
  • Adventure Mode – a mode with a cute 8-bit overworld that has a ton of different battles and challenges. There’s a ton of content to unlock here. I’ve barely scratched the surface. Plus you can play as characters that are unavailable in the regular campaign.
  • Challenge Mode – probably one I won’t do. I’m not a huge fan of challenge rooms, towers, modes, whatever. But still it’s there if I want it!
  • Oh and it’s got multiplayer, even in the Campaign mode. One person plays on the TV while the other uses the Gamepad. Rad!

I love how different each character feels from one another. Link the standard knight with shield and sword. Impa with a gigantic cleaver sword that’s heavy and powerful. Then you have the lithe Sheik armed with daggers and a magic harp. Each one has their own combos, gear to unlock, and special moves. Playing a stage over again with a different character feels like a different experience.

Yes, you could complain that the battles are the same over and over–mowing through waves of Zelda-themed mooks, but you know what? It hasn’t gotten old yet. Maybe I fall into that special category of person that likes Dynasty Warriors‘ moment to moment gameplay. Well, maybe I like it when it’s got a pinch of Hyrule.

Going in not knowing what to expect, Hyrule Warriors has been a pleasant surprise!