TripleZer0 Plays – Getting into Streaming

Pretty sure I mentioned my desire to start streaming/recording Let’s Play videos in my “About” section, but yesterday I took my first steps toward making that happen! You heard it here first folks, I now have an official channel–TripleZer0 Plays–well official in the sense that it exists and you can go there and there may be video up at certain times.

Right now I have a super bare bones setup–just my (dying jet-engine soundalike) laptop, free Xsplit, and that’s it. I played some EUIV last night for about 45 minutes–shout outs to my 4 viewers!–and it went okay? maybe? I don’t know. Because my computer is old, I was only streaming/recording at 360 which is probably considered unacceptable. I also didn’t feel like using my mic, so it was just pure gameplay. Oh yeah, hot, hot zoom-in zoom-out map action. ‘Cause honestly that’s like 90% of what EUIV is–zoom-in zoom-out (thanks Northernlion).

But tonight I’m going to try and overcome my crippling hate-fear of my own voice. I’m going to dive back into EUIV but with my mic on. I’ll try to make a proper LP video. So join me in this glorious trainwreck!